Name- Mario Calderon Rodriguez

Certifications/Licenses- Massage Therapy, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer

About Mario

Wisconsin, 1998, Mario was born to a large family with both parents, 2 sisters and 5 half siblings. Being diagnosed with glaucoma and starting life with 95% of his vision lost he would always have extra challenges tho they wouldn’t be able to hold him back for long. Threw out all of school Mario had no idea what he wanted to do with his life but after dropping accounting he took a chance and went to massage school. It was there learning under DR Jeffrey Montoya Mario found his calling in life. Some time after graduation in early 2019 Mario worked for Dr Montoya and was able to expand his skill set and go even further beyond. Marios like include fitness, health, learning, animals, comedy and steak.   Mario is a naturally inquisitive individual that will use everything he knows to help reach your wellness goals.